Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Openstreetmap for thirsty hackers

What are thirsty hackers looking for? The answer often is "Club Mate", at least in Germany. The "caffeinated carbonated Mate-extract beverage" (Wikipedia) became popular in Berlins club scene during the 90s. Maybe because of its high caffeine content, it gained popularity in the german hackers scene but finding shops selling Club Mate remains notoriously difficult. So what about mapping places where one can buy Club Mate?

No sooner said than done! People from Chaos Computer Club Mainz did it and set up a map, the so called Mateka’te, using Openstreetmap data. The tag "club-mate=yes" is used to indicate places where to get Club Mate. Question: Do places correlate with hacker density? ;-) I don't know.

Note, that I do not drink Club Mate nor do I receive any payment for this posting. ;-) I was just amazed by the absolutely unforeseen ways people use Openstreetmap data.

(via hep-cat)

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